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On June 8, 2017, the Press Conference of the ninth FCPAE European forum took place at the AFCDUD Bureau in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. There were 11 Chinese and French medias, including Xinhua News Agency and Phoenix TV. The representative of the French Ministry of Ecology Hervé de Tréglodé, the Second Secretary at the department of Science and Technology at the Chinese Embassy in France DONG Lin, and GONG Dusheng, the Director of Business Development in East Asia in the Economic Development and Innovation of Paris Agency, and representatives from other professional associations in France participated in this conference.

Under the guidance and support of the French Ministry of Ecology, AFCDUD (Franco-Chinese Association for Sustainable Urban Development) was founded in 2008 in Paris, France, aiming to promote the cooperation and exchanges of sustainable development between France and China in terms of scientific, technologie and administration.

FCPAE (Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe) was founded in 2001 in Frankfurt, Germany. It is the largest professional organization of Chinese in Europe, made up of 56 professional associations of Chinese in more than ten countries in Europe, composing of 20,000 Chinese members specialized in all fields in Europe. The European Forum is held once a year, it was already held in Paris, Copenhagen, Brussels, Vienna, The Hague, Frankfurt, Brussels and Denmark with great success in promoting Sino-European cooperation, attracting more and more international attention. AFCDUD was unanimously elected in August 2016 to organize the 9th European Forum of FCPAE.


During the Press Conference, "Smart City, Green Life" was officially published as the theme of the Ninth European Forum of FCPAE, and the Forum will take place on 25 and 26 September 2017 in Paris, France. The forum is the implementation of "The Paris Accord" spirit, with the aim of promoting the strategy "One Belt and One Road". The Forum consists of four parts: the seminar, the exhibition of companies, the dialogues, and the visits. The Forum will focus on the themes of "Smart City and Low-Carbon Life" and " Eco-city", "COP climate economy ", "New Energy Technologies", "Green Technology", "Internet + City Life Services and Transportation" , "Internet of Things", "Big Data", "Artificial Intelligence", "Sino-French Ecological Innovation and Entrepreneurship", "Internationalization of Enterprises", "Cultural Education", etc. During the Forum, Chinese and European green companies’ exhibition, roadshows, sino-french multi-level dialogues, ace to face business negotiations, as well as the visits to local smart and excellent cities, eco-cities, companies and institutions will also be organized.

During the conference, AFCDUD sincerely invited Chinese and French government officials, entrepreneurs, experts and NGOs to participate in the FCPAE European Forum. We will meet in the romantic capital Paris, to discuss the development trend of Sino-French innovation in full swing, and to open a new chapter in exchanges and cooperation between China and France.