Visite Transport Supervision Center

Visit Agenda of IFSTTAR
Feb 7th – Feb 12th, 2015 Shenzhen

Time Activities
Feb 7th, Saturday: Departure from Paris to Hongkong
Feb 8th, Sunday: Arrival in HongKong, to Shenzhen
Arrive Shenzhen.
At Hotel of (Hotel Name)
Feb 9th, Monday: Shenzhen

18h-21h Visit Shenzhen Gov
Visit transportation center of Shenzhen and meeting with Transport Comission of Shenzhen
Dinner with Gov or SI
Feb 10th, Tuesday: Shenzhen
18h-21h Visit Yihualu (SI), technical meeting
Visit Yixingwang (SI), technical meeting
Dinner with SI.
Feb 11th, Wednesday: Shenzhen
10h-11h Conclusion with SI
12h-14h Lunch at Huawei VIP Restaurant

Visit Huawei HQ (or Huawei Manufacture Center)
• Exhibition Hall of Huawei Group Products
• Exhibition Hall of Huawei Enterprise Products
20h—22h To Hong Kong for departure to Paris